Sylvan Social

We produce live events and digital media,
connecting Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

Memorable Content

Founders, Inventors, Designers — our audience is people who shape our world. To deserve their attention, we showcase unique talents. People on our stage or in our videos deliver high-impact, concise, never-before-seen presentations.

Brand Affiliations make events affordable. We carefully craft partnerships with brands whose products naturally interest our audience. Experiential Marketing allows companies to reach our participants while their minds are open.

Event Production

We curate and train speakers, secure venues, negotiate sponsorships; and we manage branding, graphic design, and marketing. All to create top-tier experiences for elite audiences.

Digital Media

If it isn't on social media, it didn't happen. We produce broadcast quality multi-cam HD video, 360º video, and professional photography, so that event content lives on forever.

Consulting Services

Need guidance for your own production? We are available to assist in all aspects of creating great live events and/or video content - on an hourly basis or by flat rate.

Aaron Sylvan

Do Live Events Matter?

There's nothing more inspiring than being in the same room as one of your heroes. Period.

Live Events give the unique opportunity for highly dedicated audience members to meet the headliners. Then professional video allows each event to live on, providing ongoing brand value for our partners and free recaps for our audience.

Managing Directors


Aaron Charles Sylvan is a veteran of the tech startup world. He has raised over $3.5M as CEO of two companies, managed million-dollar R&D budgets, recruited dozens of employees, and closed 6-figure sales with Fortune 500 companies.

Aaron has attended the invitation-only TED Conference twelve times, and now dedicates his life to bringing together interesting people.


Janet Esquirol Sylvan is a professor of Media Arts and Technology at City University of New York (CUNY BMCC), where she teaches graphic design and multimedia.

Prior to teaching, Janet was an Art Director in Advertising and Publishing. Holding a BA from Connecticut College, and an MFA from Parsons, she often serves as Creative Director for our projects.


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We love using technology, live events, and digital media, to connect entrepreneurs and innovators.