create a fantastic mobile experience

Grow with the power of social media and location-based technology.

iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Android for phones and tablets

Sylvan Social Technology™ loves building apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices!

Since 2013, internet users have been spending more time on mobile devices than web browsers!

Developing an app for your business can be one of the strongest ways to connect with your audience.

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social media builds community

Whether you write a blog, moderate a forum, or manage a private membership club,

…we build sophisticated, scaleable, user-friendly solutions – in record time!

Sylvan Social Technology™ works overnight magic with WordPress - one of the fastest solutions to building web communities.WordPress is more powerful than you think – we can build incredibly powerful sites in as little as a single day. Features can include content management, mailing lists, invite-a-friend, share/tweet/pin buttons, and even the ability for members to “friend” and “message” each other.

Sylvan Social Technology™ works rapid magic with Drupal — in a matter of weeks we can implement one of the most sophisticated for web communities.Drupal systems begin where WordPress leaves off. The entry-level cost is higher, but for sophisticated management of complex community features, it pays off to use the added power.

(As a very rough guideline, community-based solutions costing under $10-20k should probably be WordPress, otherwise it may be best to use Drupal. We can help you decide.)

We can get your audience signed up, tuned in, and locked on — continuous engagement.

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successfully pitch VCs & Angel Investors

Raising investment capital isn't easy, but it can be done by following a few simple guidelines.  Aaron Sylvan has done it 7 times, and can show you how.…with guidance from someone who has done it.

• Concise Slideshows have to address investors’ key concerns decisively.

• Market research needs to validate the business model and the size of demand.

• Financial Forecasts must be optimistic, but tempered by realism.

Put your best foot forward with a plan that meets investor criteria.

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turn your audience into evangelists

social websites and mobile apps

make it happen!

When people subscribe, and share your content... business grows!

To really take off, you need a Dynamic Website with elements that change over time, and Shareable Content that can transform your customers into an army of publicists.

We can create sites optimized for twitter, pinterest, facebook, linkedin, and more!

Overwhelmed? Don’t be.

We make it easy.

Whether you need a blog… a portfolio of your work… an eCommerce solution… or a completely unique database, we can help.

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